Coxonoil - Investments

ONE MORE STEP TO PERFECTION LTD - new technology shares hedging of futures contracts and start-up investments on the basis of intelligent monitoring of global indices, as well as «predatory trading» technologies.

Investment plan

This section is created for any visitor of our site in order to get acquainted with the investment program of our company. The activity of Coxon Oil and Gas LTD provides us with an advantage in investment activities and we can afford to effect some types of online investing on the basis of Coxon Oil and Gas LTD. platform. In particular, here are the options of return, which we provide as a result of our investment program.

Investment plans "BACSIC", "STANDART" and "PROFESSIONAL" provide an opportunity to make a profit on a daily basis, with the refund of investment amount (deposit body that you have put to one of these investment plans), at the end of the period of validity of one of the deposits, in the case if you choose one of these investment plans.

Investment plans "ADVANCED", "EFFECTIVE" and "VIP" are designed in such a way that the amount that you will be billed each day to your account balance also includes the part of the investment amount (part of the deposit body that you have put in one of these investment plans).

For example: if you made a deposit on an investment plan «EFFECTIVE» in the amount of 5,000 USD, every day, for 60 days, no days off and holidays, on your account balance will be charged 300 USD, because, according to the terms of this investment plan, the daily profit is 6% of the investment amount. So, every day you can withdraw to your wallet 300 USD. Thus, for 60 days, You will receive 23,000 USD , 5,000 USD of which - the amount of your investment (Deposit Return) and 18,000 USD - your net profit!