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ONE MORE STEP TO PERFECTION LTD - new technology shares hedging of futures contracts and start-up investments on the basis of intelligent monitoring of global indices, as well as «predatory trading» technologies.

About Us

Coxon Oil and Gas LTD is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified company. Earlier CoxonOil has become member of Federation of United Kingdom Export Organization.

CoxonOil personnel have over 90 years of combined geological, geophysical and engineering experience in the petroleum business. CoxonOil will evaluate undeveloped or underdeveloped property for petroleum exploration or exploitation.

At CoxonOil, we are proud to contribute to revitalization of the oil and gas industry and the expanding supply of beneficial natural gas, which is reviving the United Kingdom economy and making this country more energy independent. We take our role in this very seriously. We strongly believe that our values, commitment to excellence, flexibility and experience give CoxonOil the edge and resilience to continue our long-term success as a strategic player in the energy industry.

Our Strong Relationships with manufacturers across the world and expertise in sourcing Quality Pipe, Fittings, Flanges, Fasteners, Gaskets & Structural Steel have been the catalysts to our extraordinary growth. We are Fastest Growing Worldwide Procurement Assistant. We involved in Project supplies, Stock, Import & Exports of Oil and Gas Products & Equipments.

CoxonOil has dominated the stock market for the past 10 years and which can handle only by a well-organized and well-motivated company. Since the organization and operation of commercial entities are effected by means of shares, the major indexes and commercially attractive lots of shares are highly liquid commodity. And we need a lot of effort and work to be the first to buy one or the other lot. In order to avoid, and in absolute terms to exclude the risks of subsidence, management of CoxonOil uses aggressive trading strategy in its trading activities.

Our company, in close cooperation with leading financial analysts of CMC Consulting Systems, Inc. and with the active support of the world's leading manufacturer of high-power superconducting lines Dubai T.X, has developed a series of innovative solutions in the field of monitoring the global indices and was able to introduce into the daily practice a method of quickly respond to changes in quotes.

It took us 10 years to build a team of traders, has a strong intellectual potential and strengthen our position in UK securities markets and the European Union. All this time, we have formulated and put into practice the most daring and effective ideas to help you win in tough competition and make profits for the company. All of these steps and innovation led us to a logical and, without a doubt, the right decision - to provide the results of our successful innovative trading for a wide range of investors from around the world in order to generate even more revenue and profit for our investors on the basis of the investment online service platform CoxonOil.

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It is feasibly to create a situation that allows you to make a guaranteed profit. It's a real money that our investors will earn, because they participate in the online CoxonOil by making deposits, thus they are involved in the investment process, initiated by the team of our company traders.

At the moment The company has established a network of solid partnerships and associations with world class engineering, manufacturing and service companies that allows CoxonOil to provide our customers with a comprehensive package of engineered services, technical support and supply & distribution of top quality industrial products & equipment. Has all the necessary permits for the activities carried out and officially registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Company Registration Number 09611484).

We will be glad to see you among our customers and are ready to offer the best solutions for the placement of investment funds in trust on such investments market. Our technology, experience and traditions, rooted in the cultural heritage of Great Britain, guarantee to provide all our customers with the best opportunity for confident, secure and stable earnings, providing excellent team work of our trade and monitoring experts.

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